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"I receive my chalkboard 3 days after I ordered and could not be happier. Price is just right and I am loving the finish on it. It's a great way to get more people into your door."

"Price is great product is great what more can I say. I was a little bit skeptical on quality because of the price but the board has been doing great and I've had it for about a year now. I have ordered more and have always been provided with excellent customer service"

"Product arrived promptly and looks great now I can put all of my specials out in front so that anyone walking by can see it."


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Whiteboards For Your Business

It’s a simple touch, but how often has the creative use of a whiteboard pointed your attention towards a small restaurant, a coffee shop, or any small business?

Never underestimate the value of a whiteboard for your business. And don’t bother looking anywhere else than SidewalkSigns-Wholesale.com for the best value and quality on a whiteboard you’re going to find with any retailer.

Whiteboard Products

Using a whiteboard purchased from SidewalkSigns-Wholesale.com gives you a range of different ways to grab the interest of people passing by your establishment. You can offer up the specials of the day, a menu, or just something interesting or humorous to catch the eye. It’s an advertising standard that will always be useful.

Keep in mind that not only can you purchase whiteboards from SidewalkSigns-Wholesale.com, you can also purchase fluorescent markers with either bullet or flat tips.

Here’s what you can find:

  •  A Frame Whiteboard: This Dry erase sign is great for restaurants, coffee shops, or nearly any small business you can think of.  Created from aluminum, made from pine, this whiteboard can feature writing on both sides, is made from a construction that is single-hinge, and has a writing surface area of 17.75” X 28.75”.
  • A Frame Wood White Markerboard: This attractive, simple Markerboard features a natural wood finish, a design that allows for the frame to have writing on both sides, is made from pine and the construction of a single hinge, and has a writing surface area of 17.75” X 28.75”.

The whiteboard product you choose depends entirely on what you want for your interests. Either one of these whiteboards provides a simple, effective, and most of all, creative way to advertise your business. This is not only a wonderful, simple advertising tool that anyone can use however they want, but it’s also available for a good deal less money than you might think. That’s only true if you order either or both of these whiteboard products through SidewalkSigns-Wholesale.com. You can look around all you want for a retailer that’s going to give you these kinds of prices on lending a unique touch to your business or event, but you’re not going to find anyone else.

You’d be surprised at how much a whiteboard can express. It’s not much of a risk to use SidewalkSigns-Wholesale.com to find out just how much good it can do for your business or event. Find out for yourself.