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Use Sandwich Board Signs To Draw Attention To Your Business


Use Sandwich Board Signs to draw attention to your Business

If you really want to draw attention to your business, sidewalk signs are the ticket. The signs and frames come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your business’ personality and style. Their convenient portability makes it easy to set up at the start of the day and then put it away at the end of the day.

These signs are also referred to as sandwich boards because traditionally they were worn by a person who would walk up and down the street, handing out flyers or shouting out deals offered by nearby businesses. Even though modern society rarely sees this type of display worn, it is still a part of our cultural memory, so we still refer to them as sandwich boards.

Wide range of options for displays

More often we see a frame signs that look similar to the traditional sandwich board, so people tend to use the terms interchangeably. A-frame signs come in several styles to suit your style from wood to aluminum, with either white board or chalkboard to create the signs. You can even purchase antiqued sandwich board for a little classic styling. Some A-frame signs are designed to insert posters, too.

The stands for the signs usually have 4 legs, but one can also get a water-filled base for outdoor use if wind is an issue or if you simply prefer the sturdy base; the choice is yours.

Check the rules in your community for signage

You can use a-frame signs in most cities, but you should check the ordinances for the area. Some cities allow them only for special sales and occasions. Other cities don’t allow them at all because they consider the signs an obstruction on the sidewalk and potentially dangerous to passersby. If you are traveling around a region or all over the nation from trade show to trade show, you can ask the organizers what the rules are for sandwich or a-frame boards.

Have fun creating new signs everyday

The white boards or chalkboards provide a fun, convenient and attractive way to let passersby know that you have a special offer available for them if they stop by to visit with your business. Their erasable nature also makes it easy to change or edit the information according to your needs. The only difference between the white board and the chalkboard is a matter of preference. The dry board display may stay clean and attractive longer and the markers are easy to maintain. Chalkboards do tend to erase pretty easily so touching up may be required more often, but the ability to create really attractive designs with the chalk is definitely a plus.

If you need a quick display for your business’ sales or your restaurant’s special of the day, or for your trade show display to draw in visitors you will do well to have an a frame sign among your sign display choices. Sandwich board signs are quick and easy to use, easy to change to suit your needs and they are simply creative fun.