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What customers have to say..

"I receive my chalkboard 3 days after I ordered and could not be happier. Price is just right and I am loving the finish on it. It's a great way to get more people into your door."

"Price is great product is great what more can I say. I was a little bit skeptical on quality because of the price but the board has been doing great and I've had it for about a year now. I have ordered more and have always been provided with excellent customer service"

"Product arrived promptly and looks great now I can put all of my specials out in front so that anyone walking by can see it."

Marker Boards

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Sidewalk Markerboards

The best way to sell your product is to make sure that passersby know you are there to serve their needs, even if they don’t know they need it. When we see an interesting sign about a new coffee brew or special food item at a restaurant, we suddenly realize we are thirsty or hungry and head into the restaurant that helpfully reminded us that we needed refueling. Sidewalk Markerboards are the perfect way to tell people what you have to offer them and get them to come in and learn about what else you have to offer.

They are also handy for other types of businesses such as barber shops having a special deal, bookstores discounting prices, new businesses drumming up traffic, or just a great way to say hello to locals.

Advantages to using Sidewalk signs:

A frame Markerboards are perfect for drawing attention to your business. They are easy to use with liquid chalk fluorescent markers to change the information according to your needs and easy to set up with the double sided, hinged boards that set up on four legs.

We offer a choice of Markerboards that include:

  • Different frame finishes such as antique, natural, mahagony, and metal steel frame.
  • Blackboard or whiteboard.
  • Double sided so passersby can see your information easily.
  • Large writing space, 28.75” x 17.5”, that allows for better readability and creative flourishes.
  • Easy portability and lightweight and large enough to be noticed at 14 lbs. The dimensions are 37.5” x 20.5”
  • Wholesale prices to help keep your advertising costs down.

Savings in Advertising

In today’s economy, inexpensive advertising makes sense. Ads in the local paper or over the radio cost money to maintain and they can’t change with the whims of daily business. Sidewalk signage allows you to save your advertising dollars with a reusable method that customers and passersby will come to expect to see when they come by. You can change your information daily or even during a long business day as items sell out or new products come up.

Easy to use

The portability makes set up every day easier and will become a habit in no time. The Markerboards are easy to clean and redo according to your needs. If you have a talented artist on your staff you can create really attractive signs that will draw the eye of people on the sidewalks who will wonder what your business is all about and come in to explore. And that is the whole point of having these sidewalk signs in the first place. You want to build your reputation and gain more business without the excessive costs of advertising. Best used indoors for a unique looking restaurant menu.

Contact us about our Markerboards. We offer FREE ground shipping in the lower 48 US states . Give us a call for faster shipping options.