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Convenient Advertising with A Frame Signs


A Frame Chalkboard Sidewalk Signs are a great way to let people walking by your business know what you have going on inside your store. We often get caught up in our day to day activities and miss great opportunities due to lack of awareness. With these signs you can kick up people’s awareness without being noisy or annoying. You want to bring them in to try your goods and services instead of driving them away with loud displays.


Wholesale A frame Signs will help you drum up business with class and style. You can create new signs daily or weekly to let folks know what you have to offer. You can match the style of the sign to the style of your business with attractive frames. Whether you prefer white or colorful chalk, you will have plenty of space to advertise your specials.


Our policy to serve you


When you order a sign from us, we will fulfill the order as soon as the order and payment process is completed. Your sign will usually be delivered to you within a couple of days so you can get started advertising quickly. We are very customer oriented and strive to fill orders correctly. We offer free ground shipping in the lower 48 states. If there is ever a problem with your order, please let us know within 7 days so we can fix it for you. Our products come with a 6 month warranty.


Sidewalk A frame specs and dimensions: • 14 lbs. for easy lightweight portability • 37.5” x 20.5” total that is large enough to draw attention • 28.75” x 17.5 total writing space for easy readability • Chalkboard material • Hinged top for easy set up and foldable portability • Frame selection includes antiqued mahogany, light colored wood, or metal


The best thing about using Sidewalk A Frame Signs is the easy, cheap advertising. You change the sign according to your own whims. If something you have featured that day sells out, you can erase it and create new offerings or you can simply put it away for the day. With these signs you are not limited to what you can share with your customers. You can create fun signs with trivia questions or fun information about the area if you live in a tourist area. People love that kind of thing because it shows you are a fun business owner and that is what customers gravitate toward.


Another great thing about these signs is that if your business is located where there is high pedestrian traffic your regular and potential customers can learn about what you are offering easier than if you had to post something in your store window or depend on other types of advertising and simply hope they will see or hear it. It is hard not to notice a sign in the middle of the sidewalk and that is a boon to your business.