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"I receive my chalkboard 3 days after I ordered and could not be happier. Price is just right and I am loving the finish on it. It's a great way to get more people into your door."

"Price is great product is great what more can I say. I was a little bit skeptical on quality because of the price but the board has been doing great and I've had it for about a year now. I have ordered more and have always been provided with excellent customer service"

"Product arrived promptly and looks great now I can put all of my specials out in front so that anyone walking by can see it."


Convenient Advertising with A Frame Signs

A Frame Chalkboard Sidewalk Signs are a great way to let people walking by your business know what you have going on inside your store. We often get caught up in our day to day activities and miss great opportunities due to lack of awareness. With these signs you can kick up people’s awareness without being noisy or annoying. You want to bring them in to try your goods and services instead of driving them away with loud displays.


Wholesale A frame Signs will help you drum up business with class and style. You can create new signs daily or weekly to let folks know what you have to offer. You can match the style of the sign to the style of your business with attractive frames. Whether you prefer white or colorful chalk, you will have plenty of space to advertise your specials.


Our policy to serve you


When you order a sign from us, we will fulfill the order as soon as the order and payment process is completed. Your sign will usually be delivered to you within a couple of days so you can get started advertising quickly. We are very customer oriented and strive to fill orders correctly. We offer free ground shipping in the lower 48 states. If there is ever a problem with your order, please let us know within 7 days so we can fix it for you. Our products come with a 6 month warranty.


Sidewalk A frame specs and dimensions: • 14 lbs. for easy lightweight portability • 37.5” x 20.5” total that is large enough to draw attention • 28.75” x 17.5 total writing space for easy readability • Chalkboard material • Hinged top for easy set up and foldable portability • Frame selection includes antiqued mahogany, light colored wood, or metal


The best thing about using Sidewalk A Frame Signs is the easy, cheap advertising. You change the sign according to your own whims. If something you have featured that day sells out, you can erase it and create new offerings or you can simply put it away for the day. With these signs you are not limited to what you can share with your customers. You can create fun signs with trivia questions or fun information about the area if you live in a tourist area. People love that kind of thing because it shows you are a fun business owner and that is what customers gravitate toward.


Another great thing about these signs is that if your business is located where there is high pedestrian traffic your regular and potential customers can learn about what you are offering easier than if you had to post something in your store window or depend on other types of advertising and simply hope they will see or hear it. It is hard not to notice a sign in the middle of the sidewalk and that is a boon to your business.

What are Poster Display Stands

To put it simply poster display stands are a cheap and effective way to get out a specific message about your business. There are several types of stands that you can use, and each one has their one specialty about them. Poster display stands have been a great way to advertise about something in your company, or simply giving information about what is going on during that specific day or time. A great way to catch people’s attention as soon as they enter the building or simply placing it outside to gather their interest and get them to come in is what poster display stands are typically used to do.

One example of poster holder stands is the whiteboard or chalk display stand. These stands are ideal for quickly changing events. In a restaurant you can announce the daily specials on these stands, or tell people about certain deals on a menu item. It is even a great way to make more casual announcements about menu items that you feel people will enjoy the most or to ask questions that most customers come in to ask. These poster holder stands fit well both outside, and inside so you can place it anywhere near one of your buildings to get people’s interest. If you have multiple businesses you can purchase them in bulk and place them everywhere to advertise on a much wider scale while still saving a great deal of money.

There are other poster stands that don’t require something to be written on them. These involve the use of actual posters. You can take custom made posters and slide them into the display stand and have an instant advertisement to place outside or inside of your business. These display stands are great if you want to add a bit more creativity to whatever it is you are advertising and even throw in pictures and brighter colors. There is a great deal of things you can do with these display stands although it may cost you a bit more when you factor in the fact that you will be constantly making posters. There is the Brightside of knowing that these poster stands can be placed out anywhere, even when the weather isn’t the best as the poster will be properly protected from the rain and elements, of course if things get to bad out there you can always just display things inside.

A poster display stand is simple but it can have a heavy impact on the way you run your business. You can use it to promote certain things about your business that others don’t have, or you can simply use it to put things on the display that makes your company stand out. Whatever your intentions are a poster display stand is used to help advertise practically anything. It doesn’t cost as much money as creating new menus, or digital advertising, and it works as something to really catch lots of people’s attention. Get your poster display stands at a great low price today at http://www.sidewalksigns-wholesale.com

3 Benefits of Sandwich Boards for Your Business

Advertising is the heart of business as it is what draws customers in to buy your products and services.  However, with more and more entrepreneurs starting up small businesses, advertising costs can be a major issue when you’re on a tight budget.  Fortunately you don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a newspaper or radio ad as there are a number of cheaper methods of mass scale advertising out there.

One popular method is the use of sandwich boards (also called sidewalk boards or sidewalk signs).  You’ve no doubt seen many of these if you’ve ever taken a walk down the main street in your hometown – most likely in front of a restaurant.  The reason these are so popular for small business is the numerous benefits they bring.


Sandwich boards and sidewalk boards are some of the cheapest advertising out there.  While the initial cost of a board may seem high, it’s something you’re likely going to have for a very long time and will be able to reuse day after day – you can’t say that for a newspaper or radio ad unless you pay big bucks for it.  Once you’ve invested in sidewalk boards they are yours to keep and you’ll be able to utilize them anytime you feel the need to.

Mass Scale Advertising

One of the primary goals of advertising is to obtain as many viewers as possible with the hopes that a given percentage of those people will convert into paying customers.  Although you may not reach as large of an audience as a radio ad, sidewalk signs and sandwich boards have the benefit of reaching customers that are in your businesses vicinity increasing the chance you’ll be able to turn them into a paying customer.  This benefit is extremely heightened if you are in a prime location that gets a large amount of foot traffic.  If that’s the case then the investment is well worth it.

No Permit Required

A number of advertising signs require a permit to put up such as a billboard or flashy sign on the top of your business.  This can lead to added expense to your advertising budget.  However, one of the benefits of sidewalk boards and sidewalk signs is that there is usually no permit required but you should always check.  You can simply set up your sign at the start of your business day and take it down when you’re ready to go home.  Easy!

While these are only a few of the important benefits of sidewalk signs and sandwich boards it goes to show how a simple form of advertising can bring you in a large number of people.  The benefits are numerous and with their low cost to invest in and the mass scale advertising they provide for passing foot traffic, it’s hard to beat when compared to other advertising methods.  Not only that, but sandwich boards and sidewalk signs are hassle free as they require no permit to use.  So if you’re looking for a cheap way to increase business, try out sidewalk boards.

Where Can I Buy a Sandwich Board

Sandwich board signs are an old classic when it comes to advertisement. What makes it great is the fact that it is mobile. Slap on a sandwich board and get the word of mouth going about your business. A good sandwich board carrier will not only walk around sporting their product proudly but they will also take things a step further and talk to the people that pass by and tell them how great their product is, they may even hand out flyers or coupons to really get the interest going about their business. A sandwich board can be altered quickly and it can constantly be changed to fit whatever it is you want it to say. A good sandwich board can increase your business greatly, or at the very least get people talking about what is available at your store, restaurant, etc. The sandwich board has been known to be a good and cost effective way to get the community buzzing about your business, and it isn’t as expensive as a commercial or something more extravagant.

Sometimes you need a down to earth approach to getting customers, and the sandwich board gives you one on one time with potential customers allowing you to gain some interest on what they like or dislike. For instance if you see that most people are enjoying a particular dish at your restaurant then you can tell them that it is available for a low price today at it, or you can have a sandwich board that says something like “Ask me about this dish, or get a free coupon for 2% off” Whatever it is you are trying to get out, they will get the message as you are appealing to something they like, and if they do come you know how a sandwich board advertisement and people to talk about your product for you.

Sidewalk Signs

It is a win-win situation when doing sandwich board advertising, and since they are so cheap you can get multiple, and have people working along different streets and sidewalks to get the word out about your product even faster. The best way to advertise is to make sure that it doesn’t cost more money than you expect to make, and with sandwich board signs you are putting little risk into a possibly big reward all it takes is for you to know where the best place is to get it.

Getting sandwich board signs can be inexpensive if you pick the right spot. Online gets you a sandwich board or even a few of them at a good price, especially if you want them wholesale. Not only can you spread the word about your business but you can have different sandwich boards out to give different messages and gain interest in a wider audience of people. Sandwich board advertising works out especially well if you have multiple businesses and want to find a cost effective way to do advertisement for all of them without reaching to deeply into your pockets.

Finding Sidewalk Signs for Businesses

The sidewalk sign is probably the most underrated and yet most hardworking sign out there today. When you have a new fresh up and coming business you usually need a hook. For example if you have a new sandwich shop but there are 12 other sandwich shops that are only a little ways away from you. You need something to express why people should stop there instead of just passing your business by. A good sidewalk sign will help you not express something about your business to get people’s interest but get people to stop for a moment and see what you have to offer. After all nothing peaks the curiosity of a future customer than seeing a sign that has the words “new” or “best” plastered all over it in big huge letters for the world to see. If you really want to get the word of mouth going around your business then you should find the perfect sidewalk signs for businesses. The right sidewalk sign gives the message that you want your customers to receive. Remember this is the first thing that they will see in your business, and it can have a profound impact on whether or not they actually buy your product or if they simply look over what you are offering them as something not important.

In order to use your sidewalk signs for businesses to the fullest you have to realize what it is that makes your business strong. If you have the latest in healthy food that tastes great as well then let the sign tell people, and it will help you attract those healthy food loving customers in no time at all. Or say you have polled your different selections of food and the meatball sub was picked as being the best sandwich in the shop not only tell customers about it, but tell them just how amazing it is. Some information out there that will get the customers interest going, and have them wants more.

If you really want to get people flocking to your business use your sidewalk sign to announce sales. Nothing says come here than a sign that sports 25% off deal, or a buy one get one free offer for any customers that come in at a certain time, or even a contest for the 1000th customer to get people rushing to your business.

Whatever you use it for buying sidewalk signs is a simple and inexpensive way to get more information out on your business. After all there will constantly be people walking around, driving around, and passing by your business and with a good sign you can catch their interest and gain yourself another new customer. The sign is used to get them into the door of your establishment, and all that is left is for you to win them over with your product. With the right combination of letters, and good placement a portable sidewalk sign can be just what your business needs to grow.

A Look at Sidewalk Signs

While freeway billboards and TV advertisements are becoming advertising methods of the past, sidewalk signs remain one of the top ways to attract foot and road traffic. Sidewalk signs are cheap, effective, customizable and they really do work.

Different Options, Different Looks

These signs typically come in the “A Frame” form, meaning they have two sides that lean against each other. This is the most effective type of sidewalk sign because people walking and driving down both sides of the street or sidewalk can see your signage! The A Frame sign is generally considered the best option for people trying to advertise on the sidewalk. It allows one to have two large, customizable messages that can draw in customers from both directions.

But there isn’t just one type of A Frame sign, there are actually three main types. You would choose which type of sign you want based on what kind of promotion or advertisement you want to run, but we’ll look more into that later. The three main types are whiteboard, chalkboard and poster stand.

With the whiteboard and chalkboard signs, there is a lot of room for customization. The sign can be changed every day and any type of information or graphic can be drawn up there. This method is particularly useful if you have an artist on staff who can draw up that day’s special or promotion. The white and chalkboard A Frames are awesome because you can change your advertisement every day to whatever you want. It’s your message how you want it.

The other option, the poster stand, is a bit different. It basically works as a mini billboard. You can put cool graphics on there and have it professionally made for certain promotions and features of your business. It will obviously look better than a message written in chalk or white board markers, but you can’t change it as often. There are pros and cons to all of these sidewalk sign types, it’s just about choosing which one works for your business. So let’s look at reasons to use a sidewalk sign.

Reason to Use a Sidewalk Sign

To Show Off Promotions


A Frame Wood White Markerboard


If your business is having a big promotion that could draw in foot traffic, write about it on your sidewalk sign! I’ve seen great sidewalk signs offering half off massages or whatever service the business provides. If you’re offering something good and shout about it on your sign, the foot traffic will come in and other traffic will make a mental note about it.

Daily Specials and the Menu


A Frame Marker Board With Daily Specials

Restaurants have huge uses for sidewalk signs. They can use the chalkboard or whiteboard to promote the special or soup of the day, to showcase different parts of the menu and to broadcast deals they have going on. A well-written sidewalk sign for a restaurant can have passersby drooling over the menu and coming in for a bit to eat.


To Offer Freebies

Another use for these signs is to run a promotion offering a free product or service. Going by the massage example again, the massage parlor could offer a free 10 minute massage. This will draw huge amounts of people in and also cement their name for all future massage orders. They could also compile a mailing list of those who stopped by so they can email promotional items out in the future.

Sidewalk signs have huge value to business, they are cheap advertising that reaches a lot of people. Take advantage of your great business spot and get your sidewalk sign today.

Use Sandwich Board Signs To Draw Attention To Your Business

Use Sandwich Board Signs to draw attention to your Business

If you really want to draw attention to your business, sidewalk signs are the ticket. The signs and frames come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your business’ personality and style. Their convenient portability makes it easy to set up at the start of the day and then put it away at the end of the day.

These signs are also referred to as sandwich boards because traditionally they were worn by a person who would walk up and down the street, handing out flyers or shouting out deals offered by nearby businesses. Even though modern society rarely sees this type of display worn, it is still a part of our cultural memory, so we still refer to them as sandwich boards.

Wide range of options for displays

More often we see a frame signs that look similar to the traditional sandwich board, so people tend to use the terms interchangeably. A-frame signs come in several styles to suit your style from wood to aluminum, with either white board or chalkboard to create the signs. You can even purchase antiqued sandwich board for a little classic styling. Some A-frame signs are designed to insert posters, too.

The stands for the signs usually have 4 legs, but one can also get a water-filled base for outdoor use if wind is an issue or if you simply prefer the sturdy base; the choice is yours.

Check the rules in your community for signage

You can use a-frame signs in most cities, but you should check the ordinances for the area. Some cities allow them only for special sales and occasions. Other cities don’t allow them at all because they consider the signs an obstruction on the sidewalk and potentially dangerous to passersby. If you are traveling around a region or all over the nation from trade show to trade show, you can ask the organizers what the rules are for sandwich or a-frame boards.

Have fun creating new signs everyday

The white boards or chalkboards provide a fun, convenient and attractive way to let passersby know that you have a special offer available for them if they stop by to visit with your business. Their erasable nature also makes it easy to change or edit the information according to your needs. The only difference between the white board and the chalkboard is a matter of preference. The dry board display may stay clean and attractive longer and the markers are easy to maintain. Chalkboards do tend to erase pretty easily so touching up may be required more often, but the ability to create really attractive designs with the chalk is definitely a plus.

If you need a quick display for your business’ sales or your restaurant’s special of the day, or for your trade show display to draw in visitors you will do well to have an a frame sign among your sign display choices. Sandwich board signs are quick and easy to use, easy to change to suit your needs and they are simply creative fun.

3 More Benefits of Sandwich Boards for Your Restaurant
Sandwich Board Signs

In our last post we talked about some of the important factors to consider when searching for a way to increase the number of customers coming into your establish.  A simple way was through the use of sandwich board signs which as it was noted, provided many benefits to your business.  These included the cheap cost relative to the return on investment, the mass scale advertising it provides for foot traffic passing your establishment, and the hassle free nature of sandwich boards due to the benefit of not requiring a permit for their use.

However, there are 3 more primary benefits of sidewalk chalkboards and sandwich boards I think you’d be interested in hearing.  These benefits all involve the flexibility afforded to you by the use of sidewalk chalkboards and sandwich boards.

Custom Changeable Message

When you purchase other forms of advertising such as a newspaper or radio ad, for the most part the message is unchangeable, at least in the short term.  One of the primary advantages A frame signs and sandwich boards have is the ability to change the message displayed on them in a matter of minutes.  It’s simply a matter of erasing the current message and writing on the new message.  This can be invaluable to a restaurant when changing over from the lunch rush to the dinner specials and provides you with a great deal of flexibility over what messages you’ll be able to display over the course of a day.


A frame chalkboards are tough and as such, when you’ll be able to use them is open for you to decide.  One of the durability factors comes from their construction.  The A-frame creates a stable base on which the sign can rest which can stand up to a modest amount of wind.  In addition, the material of which A frame chalkboards are created adds to the durability.  They are often made of tough materials such as polyethylene and as such, can stand up to a wind array of weather such as snow, rain, hail and wind.  Since you’re most likely going to be using A frame chalkboards or sidewalk chalkboards outside, this is an important factor to consider


Lastly, and perhaps the primary benefit of A frame chalkboards and sandwich boards are their portability.  Other forms of signage are often difficult to pick up and transport, however, sidewalk chalkboards are easily folded up and provide for easy movability.  In addition, they are often designed to be lightweight and easy to move so you can set them out in the morning and take them back in at night.

If the first three benefits of sidewalk chalkboards wasn’t enough to have you considering investing in one, the addition of these 3 important benefits should at least get you thinking.  They have the advantage of displaying a changeable message; they are durable in all forms of weather and can easily be picked up and moved as needed.  This makes sidewalk chalkboards a must have for your business advertising needs.

What Are Sidewalk Signs

You have probably seen them at your local grocery store, restaurant, or coffee shop. Most likely perched in front of the business on a sidewalk detailing the specials for the day. While I am pointing this out you are probably in awe as to how many of these signs you see daily but have never noticed before.

Sidewalk signs are basically signs that are placed on sidewalks. They come in variety of shapes and sizes as well as platforms. Some sidewalk signs are your normal A Frame Boards that can display an image on both sides. While others will have a hollow base that can be filled with water or sand.