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A Look at Sidewalk Signs


While freeway billboards and TV advertisements are becoming advertising methods of the past, sidewalk signs remain one of the top ways to attract foot and road traffic. Sidewalk signs are cheap, effective, customizable and they really do work.

Different Options, Different Looks

These signs typically come in the “A Frame” form, meaning they have two sides that lean against each other. This is the most effective type of sidewalk sign because people walking and driving down both sides of the street or sidewalk can see your signage! The A Frame sign is generally considered the best option for people trying to advertise on the sidewalk. It allows one to have two large, customizable messages that can draw in customers from both directions.

But there isn’t just one type of A Frame sign, there are actually three main types. You would choose which type of sign you want based on what kind of promotion or advertisement you want to run, but we’ll look more into that later. The three main types are whiteboard, chalkboard and poster stand.

With the whiteboard and chalkboard signs, there is a lot of room for customization. The sign can be changed every day and any type of information or graphic can be drawn up there. This method is particularly useful if you have an artist on staff who can draw up that day’s special or promotion. The white and chalkboard A Frames are awesome because you can change your advertisement every day to whatever you want. It’s your message how you want it.

The other option, the poster stand, is a bit different. It basically works as a mini billboard. You can put cool graphics on there and have it professionally made for certain promotions and features of your business. It will obviously look better than a message written in chalk or white board markers, but you can’t change it as often. There are pros and cons to all of these sidewalk sign types, it’s just about choosing which one works for your business. So let’s look at reasons to use a sidewalk sign.

Reason to Use a Sidewalk Sign

To Show Off Promotions


A Frame Wood White Markerboard


If your business is having a big promotion that could draw in foot traffic, write about it on your sidewalk sign! I’ve seen great sidewalk signs offering half off massages or whatever service the business provides. If you’re offering something good and shout about it on your sign, the foot traffic will come in and other traffic will make a mental note about it.

Daily Specials and the Menu


A Frame Marker Board With Daily Specials

Restaurants have huge uses for sidewalk signs. They can use the chalkboard or whiteboard to promote the special or soup of the day, to showcase different parts of the menu and to broadcast deals they have going on. A well-written sidewalk sign for a restaurant can have passersby drooling over the menu and coming in for a bit to eat.


To Offer Freebies

Another use for these signs is to run a promotion offering a free product or service. Going by the massage example again, the massage parlor could offer a free 10 minute massage. This will draw huge amounts of people in and also cement their name for all future massage orders. They could also compile a mailing list of those who stopped by so they can email promotional items out in the future.

Sidewalk signs have huge value to business, they are cheap advertising that reaches a lot of people. Take advantage of your great business spot and get your sidewalk sign today.