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3 More Benefits of Sandwich Boards for Your Restaurant


Sandwich Board Signs

In our last post we talked about some of the important factors to consider when searching for a way to increase the number of customers coming into your establish.  A simple way was through the use of sandwich board signs which as it was noted, provided many benefits to your business.  These included the cheap cost relative to the return on investment, the mass scale advertising it provides for foot traffic passing your establishment, and the hassle free nature of sandwich boards due to the benefit of not requiring a permit for their use.

However, there are 3 more primary benefits of sidewalk chalkboards and sandwich boards I think you’d be interested in hearing.  These benefits all involve the flexibility afforded to you by the use of sidewalk chalkboards and sandwich boards.

Custom Changeable Message

When you purchase other forms of advertising such as a newspaper or radio ad, for the most part the message is unchangeable, at least in the short term.  One of the primary advantages A frame signs and sandwich boards have is the ability to change the message displayed on them in a matter of minutes.  It’s simply a matter of erasing the current message and writing on the new message.  This can be invaluable to a restaurant when changing over from the lunch rush to the dinner specials and provides you with a great deal of flexibility over what messages you’ll be able to display over the course of a day.


A frame chalkboards are tough and as such, when you’ll be able to use them is open for you to decide.  One of the durability factors comes from their construction.  The A-frame creates a stable base on which the sign can rest which can stand up to a modest amount of wind.  In addition, the material of which A frame chalkboards are created adds to the durability.  They are often made of tough materials such as polyethylene and as such, can stand up to a wind array of weather such as snow, rain, hail and wind.  Since you’re most likely going to be using A frame chalkboards or sidewalk chalkboards outside, this is an important factor to consider


Lastly, and perhaps the primary benefit of A frame chalkboards and sandwich boards are their portability.  Other forms of signage are often difficult to pick up and transport, however, sidewalk chalkboards are easily folded up and provide for easy movability.  In addition, they are often designed to be lightweight and easy to move so you can set them out in the morning and take them back in at night.

If the first three benefits of sidewalk chalkboards wasn’t enough to have you considering investing in one, the addition of these 3 important benefits should at least get you thinking.  They have the advantage of displaying a changeable message; they are durable in all forms of weather and can easily be picked up and moved as needed.  This makes sidewalk chalkboards a must have for your business advertising needs.