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3 Benefits of Sandwich Boards for Your Business


Advertising is the heart of business as it is what draws customers in to buy your products and services.  However, with more and more entrepreneurs starting up small businesses, advertising costs can be a major issue when you’re on a tight budget.  Fortunately you don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a newspaper or radio ad as there are a number of cheaper methods of mass scale advertising out there.

One popular method is the use of sandwich boards (also called sidewalk boards or sidewalk signs).  You’ve no doubt seen many of these if you’ve ever taken a walk down the main street in your hometown – most likely in front of a restaurant.  The reason these are so popular for small business is the numerous benefits they bring.


Sandwich boards and sidewalk boards are some of the cheapest advertising out there.  While the initial cost of a board may seem high, it’s something you’re likely going to have for a very long time and will be able to reuse day after day – you can’t say that for a newspaper or radio ad unless you pay big bucks for it.  Once you’ve invested in sidewalk boards they are yours to keep and you’ll be able to utilize them anytime you feel the need to.

Mass Scale Advertising

One of the primary goals of advertising is to obtain as many viewers as possible with the hopes that a given percentage of those people will convert into paying customers.  Although you may not reach as large of an audience as a radio ad, sidewalk signs and sandwich boards have the benefit of reaching customers that are in your businesses vicinity increasing the chance you’ll be able to turn them into a paying customer.  This benefit is extremely heightened if you are in a prime location that gets a large amount of foot traffic.  If that’s the case then the investment is well worth it.

No Permit Required

A number of advertising signs require a permit to put up such as a billboard or flashy sign on the top of your business.  This can lead to added expense to your advertising budget.  However, one of the benefits of sidewalk boards and sidewalk signs is that there is usually no permit required but you should always check.  You can simply set up your sign at the start of your business day and take it down when you’re ready to go home.  Easy!

While these are only a few of the important benefits of sidewalk signs and sandwich boards it goes to show how a simple form of advertising can bring you in a large number of people.  The benefits are numerous and with their low cost to invest in and the mass scale advertising they provide for passing foot traffic, it’s hard to beat when compared to other advertising methods.  Not only that, but sandwich boards and sidewalk signs are hassle free as they require no permit to use.  So if you’re looking for a cheap way to increase business, try out sidewalk boards.